No Higher Calling

Ep 79- Homeschool Recap & Favorite Read-Alouds

April 28, 2022

This episodes gives a recap of all that our family has been learning through our homeschool journey over the past few months. As we transition into having a new baby and a busy summer, life will look a bit different than it has in the first quarter of the year. As excited as we are for the upcoming months, we reflect on the past months with lots of fun memories. 

I share what we've been learning in these different areas-

Bible Memory: Psalm 1, Books of the Old Testament

Gather Round Homeschool Units: North American Birds, Asia, Botany

Read Alouds: Little Pilgrim's Progress, Little Pear, The Trumpet of the Swan, The Jungle Book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pippi Longstocking, Voice of the Martyrs The Courageous Series, and The Secret Garden

Enjoy a glimpse into our lifestyle of learning as I share some of the highlights of our homeschooling!



Gather Round Homeschool (


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