No Higher Calling

Ep 84- Too Much TV?

May 26, 2022

Simeon joins me on this episode to share our personal journey with what part TV has played in our home in years past and in our current season. When we were first married, we gave so much of our time to the TV. As we transitioned into parenthood, many of those trends continued. Around 2 years ago, God began speaking to Simeon and I about this issue, and we started rethinking what role we wanted TV to play in our home. 

As we transitioned life to having less and less TV, there was a huge adjustment period- for us and for our children! But the fruit that has come from the switch has been so rewarding!! Simeon and I have been able to pursue hobbies, enjoy each other's company, and pursue dreams God has put on our hearts. Our children have learned how to handle boredom; they've fallen in love with books; their creativity has soared. We have also seen a big change in their behavior. 

This is an area of home that everyone will have to make their own personal decisions on, but we wanted to give the challenge to at least make it a matter of conversation and prayer. We've seen great blessings in our family life that has been in direct connection with limiting screen time, so much so that we felt led to share our experience with you!



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