No Higher Calling

Ep 89- Respectable Sins: Lack of Spirit-Control, Impatience, & Irritability

June 23, 2022

We are half way through 2022 which means that we are also half way through our Respectable Sins Bible study. I pray that this study has challenged your heart like it has mine. As I've meditated on Scripture and asked God to reveal ways that these sins have taken root in my heart, I've come to realize that there are many different areas of my life where Christ does not reign supreme.

This episode covers some "respectable" sins that I've struggled with personally, whether in the past or in recent days. The first one we discuss is a lack of Spirit-control. This is different than self-control. This is allowing the Holy Spirit to be in control of every area of our lives- our eating and drinking, our finances, our decision making. The second part of the episode focuses on impatience and irritability. I share lessons God's taught me in recent days regarding these sins in my own life.



Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges 


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