No Higher Calling

Ep 97- Trusting Your Children to God with Tabitha Murdock

August 1, 2022

What does it mean to trust our children to God? Does this mean to commit to raise them for the Lord during a baby dedication service at church? That can be a part of it, but it goes far beyond that. Every day, we have to depend upon the Lord for the grace, strength and wisdom to parent these precious ones that God has blessed us with. 

Missionary to Germany, Tabitha Murdock, joins me to share what it has meant in her life to trust her children to God. She says, "Trusting our kids to Christ begins with our own trust in Him. We could never trust our children to God if we don't trust areas of our own lives to Him first." Tabitha has had some unique experiences that God has chosen for her and her children to walk through, but as she has leaned on Him, He's proven Himself faithful again and again. 

Tabitha shares things that are such an encouragement as we seek to raise soldiers for Christ in a dark world.


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