No Higher Calling

Ep 80- Cloth Diapering 101

May 5, 2022

2 years ago, I launched the No Higher Calling blog with the post, Cloth Diapering 101. At that time, I had cloth diapered 2 babies, and so many mamas were reaching out with questions! Here we are several years later, and it is still a topic that I get asked about so often! Whether your motivation is to save money, to have a natural option for baby, or to take better care of the earth, cloth diapering can be a wonderful option! It sounds daunting. Who wants to deal with the mess and how do you begin to know how to get started? I have taken many of my notes from the blog post and shared them on this podcast episode. If this is something you've wondered about, I hope you find many helpful answers!



NHC Blog: Cloth Diapering 101


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