No Higher Calling

Ep 78- Nourishing Your Postpartum Body with Rebecca Grant

April 25, 2022

Rebecca Grant is a returning guest to the No Higher Calling podcast. She joined several months ago addressing the topic of Simple, Natural Living, and her episode has been one of the most downloaded episodes! 

She joins me in this episode to talk about nourishing your postpartum body. The postpartum period is a season of life that is often very neglected. So much investment is given to fertility, pregnancy, and birth, but then we are expected to "bounce back" immediately after having baby. Becca shares so much helpful information on why it is vital to slow down after having baby and replenish your body of the vast amounts of minerals, vitamins, etc that have been depleted while growing your little human. I cannot wait to implement so much of what she shares into my upcoming postpartum season!



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