No Higher Calling

Ep 77- Freezer Cooking

April 21, 2022

Whether you love cooking or loathe it, freezer cooking can be a helpful element in any kitchen! Life is in seasons, and different seasons present different levels of business and chaos. Maybe you're about to have a new baby, maybe you want to be quicker to say "yes" to hospitality, maybe you are trying to find rhythm in a busy work schedule- insert the blessing of freezer cooking!

In this episode, I share ways that freezer cooking has been a blessing to our household as I seek to "look well" to the ways of my home. (Prov 31:27)

I discuss. . .

-How it saves time, money, and cleanup

-Practical ways to implement freezer cooking (ranging from very minimal work to a bit more of an investment)

-How to plan, organize and stock up for successful freezer cooking



Jami Balmet: Finding Joy In Your Home- Jami is a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of the kitchen!

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