No Higher Calling

Ep 83- My No Higher Calling with Lauren Hickman

May 23, 2022

What is my "no higher calling"? For me, that is to glorify God through being a wife and a mother, but that is not the calling God chooses to give to every woman. Whatever your life looks like, our highest calling is to bare the image of Christ, and in doing so, to bring Him glory. 

It was a joy to interview my dear friend, Lauren Hickman. God has chosen for her life to look very different from mine, but our callings are equal as we both seek to pursue Christ and find HIs purpose for our lives. Lauren shares her heart and personal experiences of singleness with a desire to encourage other single ladies to find all that Christ has for them in that season of life. She shares blessings that come from singleness as well as some ways to keep your heart from letting loneliness and discouragement creep in. 

We wrap up the episode with some light-hearted "singleness etiquette" helping married women know what to, and not to, say to their single friends. Married or unmarried, I know this episode will bless your heart! 


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