No Higher Calling

Titus 2 Talk: The Young Women, To Love Their Husbands

April 11, 2022

What a joy it is to have my spiritual mentor, Denise Palmer, joining me once a month for a Titus 2 Talk! On these special episodes, Denise and I will be doing a deep dive into the truths God has taught us through the book of Titus. 

On this episode, we start walking through the things God has commanded the aged women to teach to the younger women in regards to loving our husbands. We discuss ...

-How God uses trials to mature our marriage relationship

-Allowing your husband to hold the place only Christ should in your life

-The influence a wife has over her husband

-The role of the wife as a helpmeet

-Trusting God to make our husbands the spiritual leaders of our homes

-The importance of prayer in marriage


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